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JDHay's Crooners

Various Song Birds Collection.

This page is a potpourri of female artists from various music genre. Some will eventually have their own pages, but until then they are listed here. Drop by and check in often to see new additions and updates to these artists pages.
Now Is The Hour (Kate Smith)
Side By Side (Kate Smith)
Norman (Sue Thompson)
Paper Tiger (Sue Thompson)
Sad Movies Make Me Cry (Sue Thompson)
Wind Beneath My Wings (Bette Midler)
Big Boss Man (Bobby Genry)
I Need You (Leanne Rimes)
Voodoo Man (Kay Star)
Stormy Weather (Etta James)

The Songs on these sites are copyrighted by the respective artist and are placed here for entertainment purposes only. No profits are made for this site from their use. Please support these artists and purchase their music if you like it.